How To Use Google Search Trends In Market Analysis, Content Idea Generation And Keyword Research?

The most of marketers, bloggers, SEO and PPC specialists use Adwords keyword planner for keyword research and ideas generation. But what about Google Trends? Do you have exact technology of using this tool?

The main difference between Keyword Planner and Google Search Trends is follow.

  1. Keyword Planner is focuses on sharing detailed data (like average search volume, competition level, cost per click) for exact keywords. Main goal of using this tool is understanding which keywords are most valuable for you SEO and PPC campaings.
  2. Google Trends is focuses on sharing main trends of user behavior. Main goal of using this tool is understanding of user behavior in dynamics, researching popular search terms, comparing popularity for exact words.

Keyword Planner shows you detailed parameters by keywords, Google Trends shows you keywords by prominence parametr.

Keyword Planner can help, when you know exactly your seed keywords, Google Trends helps you to find seed keywords.


Key parameters of Google Trends

This is the first screen you see on the main page of Google Trends. It’s really very fast way to evaluate world events depends on millions of users’ queries. This is a more reliable source, then TV news.


Google Search Trends - using trending on Google


You can get dynamics of search terms popularity depends on such parameters:

  1. Geolocation: worldwide or any exact country.
  2. Time period: from 1 hour to ten years and more (2004 is the first year when data had begun collected).
  3. Categories: 25 separate categories for researching.
  4. Source of search: Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, Youtube Search.


Google Trends by questions


Just imagine the value of the data, to which you have access. Very objective map of human minds, desires, questions on exact territory, in exact time period.


The main ways of using Google Trends


Google search trend by the countries

  1. Content idea generation
  2. Imagine, that you can forecast which search terms will the most popular in the next day, month, year. Availibility of such information is a great competitive advantage, escpecially for content/news sites.  In fact you can do it now with a high accurancy percentage. Pay attention on the repeated trends (new seasons of well-known serials, annual popular events etc.).

  3. Finding seed keywords for getting long tail suggestions
  4. The second step after finding the most valuable trends is researching suggestions for content optimization. Forecasting of popular search trend is not only one key to geting more traffic. You also should optimize your page with a list of relative keywords. It grows you chances to get TOP in search engines in several times.

  5. Researching dynamics of popularity for any serch terms and reasons that have influenced on it
  6. It’s a great way to evaluate market demand, results for branded campaings, looking for peaks of popularity by exact keywords and testing hypotheses during implementing marketing strategy.


Implementing popular search trends in you content strategy

So, you have a site in some niche and add new content regularly. Which of the pages shoud be added the next and why? It’s important question. The amount of information is boundless and correct strategy also includes the correct procedure of actions. We guess that using popular trends in content publication should be near 10-20% (in news sites this metric is higher, of course). It helps to acquire a lot of users in a short period to your site (if you’ve done everything correctly). Especially it helps when you’ve already have a good domain authority, age, big quantity of published qualitive articles and optimized sales funnel on your site.


Using Google keywords trends in Kparser


So, the path is easy. Find seed trending keywords, put them in Kparser and start parsing data. In a 1 minute you’ll get the most relative long tail keywords, which you can use to optimize your page.


Google search term popularity and Kparser


Sort results with handy filters, mark unvaluable keywords and export your ready-to-use list where you want. What can be easier? Choose your membership and discover what means really convenient tool for trending keywords research.



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