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What is expired domain?

Every website owner knows that domain names aren’t issued without a certain deadline. You should pay annually to extend the period of your domain. If the period of using a domain name isn’t extended, you will lose your ownership rights. The domain is going up for sale on auction and anybody can buy it, such domains are called expired. You can use such domains for the  following purposes:
  • Make a new website. As a rule, recent expired domains have an authoritative backlink profile that ease its off-page optimization.
  • Get more link juice. More and more SEO specialists and webmasters use outdated domains to build an authoritative website and link to your other websites.
  • Set up redirects. If you bought a powerful expired domain that ranks highly in Google, closely related to your own site niche, what you can do with it? Of course, redirect to your own one and get more traffic.
If your domain is expired, you can try to buy on auction or get the new one, and start from the very beginning. To get the new website name you can try domain name generator.

How to find expired domains?

There are a lot of different ways to find the list of expired domains. The most popular are:
  • Auctions. This is a service for searching for domain names with a huge database and convenient filters for searching. The procedure is quite simple. The first step is registration, then you should search for a suitable domain. When you find it you have to fill an application form for participation in the auction for a specific domain. The next is bidding and finally purchase.
  • Expired domain finder tool. Paste the keyword into placeholder and press “Start”. Get the expiring domain list. Pick up the most suitable and check its data.
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