How To Bring  Your Products To The Ebay’s Top, Using The Best Keyword Research Tool For Ebay?

There is a big chance that you have a great intuitive feeling about how to create the popular product’s pages. If you sell on Ebay for a long time, you should understand the influence of details and different little changes on pages. But imagine, how your products’ posting technology and income can change, if you get an exact formula of ranking result on Ebay.

Although, we have no exact formula, but we can  study Ebay’s instructions with the great attention. As you can see on the screen, Ebay gives us a comprehensive list of the factors which influence on brining to top. Yes, we don’t know the ratio each of these vectors. But it’s a great fundament for better results.

Ebay keyword research tool

And relevance to the buyer’s search is the first from all 7 factors. Why? Because search algoryhtms are very similar in the search engine services, marketplaces and every service, where people make searching. There is one goal in such serveces. User should solve own problem in the shortest time. So, we should understand technology of creating the most relevant pages.

Which two tasks should be solved on the Ebay’s product page?

There are two clear tasks:

  1. Create relevant, comprehensive and valuable content for user.
  2. Saving all points from the first task, make content understandable and relevant for maching algorythms.

Maching algorythms works for best users experience. But there is some problem in such function. People evaluate content by images and meaning in their mind. Algorythms evaluate the comprehensive and the relevant content by own program language.

Using keyword research tool for ebay

What is the best desicion to be loved by the users and the algoryhtms?

  1. Describe your products using a lot of pictures and video. Add to the content some details about product, which can be important for the users.
  2. Use the relevant longtail keywords in titles and descriptions. Describe your product by using words, which people search your product.

If in the first task you should have the great knowledges about product and the great understanding of user needs, in the second tasl you can use comfortable tool.

Using ebay title keyword tool

How Kparser can help you find the most relevant keywords for your products on Ebay?

Simple put words you want to research and get real-time results about users’ queries. Understanding your audience in the process from searching product step to using product step is the best way to bring your pages to the top.

Ebay keyword tool

In the end, you should answer yourself only 2 questions:

  1. How much more money can you earn using the most actual and relevant keywords in your product pages’ titles and descriptions?
  2. How much more free time can you get with the implementing such winning strategy for own business?

Why Kparser is better, than other similar keyword research tools for Ebay?

In developing process of Kparser we regularly improve two main vectors:

  1. Quality of gathered results (includes only real-time parsing, additional words and advanced filters)
  2. Convenience and speed of the working process (includes the speed of parsing, possibility to sort, filter, and group results in a few clicks).

So, do you want to evaluate influence of these vectors? Try it once and get a new experience in working with ebay keyword tool.

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