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How to find out who is a domain owner?

To find domain owner can be very useful to prevent spam or fraud, as administrators can track registrants who post illegal content or engage in phishing. For these purposes, WHOIS database is created. It is a large database of domains with useful information:
  • domain name registration date and server location;
  • contacts;
  • domain expiration date.
WHOIS can answer the most important question of webmaster “who owns a certain domain name or IP address?”. You need to lookup for a certain domain name through this database and get all the needed information about its history or find expiring domains.

How to use domain owner lookup tool correctly?

To make your search more precious, use specific options of domain lookup tool.
  1. Search for a specific domain for purchase.
  2. Get information about the domain name owner (organization, person).
  3. Check what domain name registration and expiration date.
  4. Lookup at domain hosting details.
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