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How To Use Free Domain Generator?

To find your perfect domain you may follow three easy steps!
    • Step 1. Enter the keyword into domain name search placeholder and press “Start” button. REMEMBER search engines rank websites higher if the keyword is included in the main URL. So be very selective to your website domain name.
    • Step 2. Find upon the list of suggestions the domain name that fits your business and you personally.
    • Step 3. Check if the domain you have selected is available. No wasting time! You are ready to become an owner of your best domain name.
<strong>How To Use Free Domain Generator?</strong>
<strong>How It Works?</strong>

How It Works?

When pressing the “Start” button Kparser domain name generator parses all the words, phrases and combination of words which has a keyword you entered. To expand the list of suggestion the algorithm adds different prefixes and suffixes to your keyword, use Google, Youtube, Amazon and Ebay search suggestions, and generate the domain name ideas with the most popular TLD.

Use simple and clear domain name

When choosing domain, ensure that it is easily remembered, short and correctly perceived by the ear. Check it out with a simple test: ask friends or friends to type name they heard. For other people, show it on paper and ask them to pronounce it. If most of them experience difficulties in “mastering” name you have invented, it’s better to reconsider your decision. Be careful when with a choice – try not to use words in it that are identical or too similar to the trademark of another company.
<b>Use simple and clear domain name</b>
In fact, I argue that the future of advertising, whatever the technology, will be to associate each brand with one word. This is one-word equity. It’s the modern equivalent of having the best site on the high street, except the location is in the mind. – Maurice Saatchi in the interview for
<strong>Domain name and SEO strategy</strong>

Domain name and SEO strategy

Domain name is the company’s business card and the first thing that consumer learns about it. So, it must meet the criteria of recognition, clarity and give an idea of what business company does. It’s important that name is well and easily perceived. At the same time, it should:
  • Be original, not typical.
  • Cause only positive associations with the consumer.
  • Not create inappropriate associations.
  • Be clear, short and understandable to most people.
  • Correspond to place, time and concept.
Do not rush and take some time to come up with a good domain name. A thought may strike you anytime. Use business name generator for help or inspiration.

What is the optimal length

The shorter it is, the easier it’s remembered. But you can ask: what about American Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Goldman Sachs, Harley-Davidson, Johnson & Johnson etc? This a great question. But website titles of some companies show that they understand the difference between offline and online rules. According to statistics, the most common website name length in regard to .com registrations is around 10 characters and have only 2 words. However, most visited websites have a short domain name and between 6 – 10 characters only. The maximum number of characters one may want to have in a website address is 63. It’s a very long URL and is not recommended to use in any circumstances as it is difficult not only to remember but also to read. Just use free domain name generator that creates only provides suitable suggestions.
<b>What is the optimal length</b>
<strong>Domain name definition and structure</strong>

Domain name definition and structure

Domain is name of zone in domain names system (DNS) of the Internet. It can be allocated to any country, organization, or for other purposes. Its structure reflects order of zones in hierarchical form. It is read from left to right from lower to top-level domains. Root element of the entire system is dot (.). To the right and left from the dot are first-level domains, geographic as us, or general purpose as .com. Then comes the second-level domain, third-level, etc. The correct order of levels numbering is as follows:
      1. .(dot) – zero-level.
      2. .com  is the first-level n, also called top-level or a zone.
      3. – second-level.
      4. – third-level.
Basically, our random domain name generator helps to collect ideas for second-level website names. Using .com is preferable because it is the most well-known domain name extension in the world.

# 1 strategy to generate domain name suggestions

As mentioned above, search engines prefer websites with specific keywords in their URLs. If basis of research and website promotion is SEO, then you need to choose the most relevant domain as possible for your chosen keyword. To do this, paste keyword into Kparser search and you’ll get the suggestions list. Select a name based on “volume” of keyword you need. Do some additional research if needed, do not make decisions quickly. 
<strong># 1 strategy to generate domain name suggestions</strong>
<strong># 2 strategy to generate domain name ideas</strong>

# 2 strategy to generate domain name ideas

In case you would like a unique and original brand name that does not match existing keywords, apply the second strategy. Select any word that you associate your website with, paste it into Kparser domain name finder and just wait a few minutes. Very soon you will receive a domain list suitable for the chosen keyword. Just do not forget that it should not be too long or confusing for users. Appeal to common knowledge or interests.

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