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How to Work with Business Name Generator?

What is the most important thing about a catchy business name? The right answer is a big list of good business name ideas. Have you ever been got stuck on thoughts “How to find the best business name”? If yes, you just haven’t tried Kparser business name generator. Now you just need to do 3 things:
  1. Enter a keyword you want to be present in your business name.
  2. See the full list of hundreds of suggestions. Be really picky to find your perfect match.
  3. After you made your choice, don`t forget to validate if it is registered as a domain name. To check its availability use domain name generator tool.
You can be assured that among thousands of company names you will find yours with the Kparser tool. Set intention, enter your keyword and start your research. Our generated brand names are successfully combined with all industries you may work for.
<strong>How to Work with Business Name Generator?</strong>

Company name and brand strategy

How to choose a name for your own company? It should be easily remembered, spelled and written. The first option is combining words. This method is very popular among many companies around the world, as it allows to quickly create a new word, free domains, and trademarks, like KFC or FedEx. The second option is using full phrases. They have always been popular with companies. In particular, this is the case when the name can easily reflect the essence of company, for example, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Thirdly, you can simply use names or surnames of people. If it’s your own business, use your own one. It’ll make company individual and it will be much easier to find free domain like Marc Jacobs or Daniel Wellington did. Create unique, but easy brand to help your target audience grow your reputation.
<strong>Company name and brand strategy</strong>
In fact, I argue that the future of advertising, whatever the technology, will be to associate each brand with one word. This is one-word equity. It’s the modern equivalent of having the best site on the high street, except the location is in the mind. – Maurice Saatchi in the interview for
<b>Good list of business name ideas</b>

Good list of business name ideas

Company name is like something that is given to person at birth and accompanies them throughout their life. In the psychology of relationships, there is a rule of 7 seconds – during this time, person can form the first impression. Same happens with company title. Your target audience creates an opinion about brand within a few seconds after the first contact with its name. Therefore, come up with a title that’ll attract attention and meet the following criteria:
  • Easy to read and understand.
  • Memorable and easy to recall.
  • Causes necessary associations.
  • Appeals to positive emotions, memories, sensations.
  • Carries a set of values of your target audience.
These criteria are the same for any company name. It does not matter if you open international corporation, online store or personal blog. Name of company should be deliberate and original.

Choose your path in generating catchy company names

Nick Kolenda looked through famous company names and divided them into categories. He thinks that titles can be relevant and irrelevant. Kolenda writes about 4 main variants of company name, each with own pros and cons:
  • Deviant – Word or word-combination which describes products (Apple, Pandora)
  • DescriptiveWord or word-combination with no relevance to product (Spotify, Kodak)
  • NeologisticPseudowords which describe products (General Motors)
  • AssociativePseudowords with no relevance to product (Facebook, YouTube)
This classification may help make a decision on the brand name. It’s always better to choose the one they will be relevant and describe your project.
Table of the ideas for catchy business names
Important question before choosing the business name

What's important to remember while looking for the cool startup or brand name?

It does not matter if you are launching startup or just new product in existing company. Marketing rules are always the same. There are a few steps you should deal with before working with ideas generator:
  • Choose the perfect match among startup name ideas.
  • Decide on what market you’ll be working. Remember that market is a place where something is consumed.
  • Choose product you’ll sell. Know how to pitch it as for different audience you can sell different features of it
  • Know your target audience. Understand their main goals, likes, and dislikes.
Answer these questions on the early stages before launching company. All these points impact on the best variants for your brand. Also, check the picture on the left and answer all these questions before using business name generator.

Business name length

The best way is to test in different mediums and see how your name ideas look and sound, how people react. Create a logo design, say them out loud in a conversation or draft them in an email name signature. Ask for feedback from your friends or advice on how to improve it. Making ideas feel real will help you determine if they are right and do really connect!
<strong>Business name length</strong>
<strong># 1 strategy to generate business name ideas</strong>

# 1 strategy to generate business name ideas

So, the first research strategy is based on Search Engine Optimization requirements. If you decide to use a keyword that will be in business name, paste this word into Kparser finder and it’ll show thousands of variants. Among them are many interesting phrases with large volume that can often be matched with unoccupied domains or unregistered company names. Don’t forget to check the website name availability information and domain owner lookup

# 2 strategy to generate company name ideas

If you decide to create a brand name of your own that does not match existing keywords, you need a different research strategy. This is important if you want a unique company to make it a brand. In this case, insert only 1-2 words in Kparser tool, which should be present in the brand name, and wait a few minutes. This creator will present a really long list of company names ideas that may be perfect just for you. Use this list to discover unique, short and catchy words.
<strong># 2 strategy to generate company name ideas</strong>