How To Gather The Best Keyword Phrases For SEO And PPC Without Google Keyword Planner?

For a long term, Google Keyword Planner was one of the best suggestion tools for keyword researching. But at some point, users became limited in the important functions. As a result, there are two problems every SEO master have in using that tool.

  1. You need to have an Google Adwords account to have an access to Keyword Planner and and make a research. But in many cases you don’t need it at this time.
  2. You can’t see an exact match of average monthly searches for results. Divarication is too big that such information have no valuable to us.


Google Keyword Planner Alternative


As a result of these changes, massive keyword researching is difficult in Google Planner.


What is the connection between long tail keywords and Google Search Ranking Formula?

There are so many factors are taken in Google search algoryhtms. But all of them are aimed at achieving one goal – to give the comhprehensive answer for user’s query. That’s why we always should think about:

  1. How to create the best content for user by form and meaning?
  2. How to make the best on-page optimization, so google bot will rank us to the top?

Google Keyword Planner free research

And if the first question depends from you professionalism and understanding theme, the second depends from detail understanding factors in the search ranking. And one the influencial factors are keywords, title, description and content on the page. If you see at the picture above you’ll understand how important is every word and even character in query for algoryhtm. Machine algoryhtm always try anticipate and understand the user needs. And highly specialized page with the relevant title is the best way to get the TOP 10 in a highly competitive web environment.

Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Such page and title can be created, if you understand the competition possibilities for your keyword phrase. In this case, you need remember about the main difference between long tail keywords and simple keywords:

  1. Search volume.
  2. Competition level.

There is an directly propotional. The more search volume is the more competition level. So, if you’ll use long tail keywords in the  title, description and content of the page you can big chance to get into the top by appropriate query very fast. It’s better to grab a small part of traffic at first. And with viral effect bit by bit you page can go to the top of keywords with big competition and search volume. That’s why, correct long tail keywords can increase your SEO accuracy in a moment.


How can Kparser help you get more traffic for less price in Google Search and Google Adwords ?

Google keyword suggestion tool

Kparser Generator uses Google autosuggestion feature to find all possible long tail keyword suggestions for your queries. You can get more traffic for less price thanks to finding keywords with low competition and middle or high search volume. If you’ve read Jack Trout’s and El Rice’s books about marketing wars, you easily should understand what this strategy means.


Why Kparser is better, than other similar keyword suggestion tools for Google?

In developing process of Kparser we regularly improve two main vectors:

  1. Quality of gathered results (includes only real-time parsing, additional words and advanced filters)
  2. Convenience and speed of the working process (includes the speed of parsing, possibility to sort, filter, and group results in a few clicks).

So, do you want to evaluate influence of these vectors? Try it once and get a new experience in working with google keyword tool.

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