Dmytro Bondar

Dmytro, Chief Executive Officer and Product Owner

I have more than 10 years experience in SEO and marketing. During this period, I combined different keyword research tool to get the best result. It was very interesting to observe the evolution of SEO instruments. Nevertheless, I haven’t found the ideal instrument for keyword suggestion process. So, we try to develop such tool for internal needs, at first. When we’ve found, that Kparser can be used for very different purposes, we had launched it to the market. We are glad to see, that tool brings measurable results to our immediatly after the first correct use. Write your questions and suggestions via LinkedIn.

Alexei, Chief Technical Officer

There comes a time when you understand that the movement in the horizontal plane no longer brings you the desired results and pleasure. That it’s time to go beyond and try your hand at creating something new. Kparser became the tool by which we learned new aspects of working with API interfaces of search engines, deprived the work of back-end developers and gave all the development to the Front-end. The experience gained will be invaluable in our next projects, which we will launch soon. Write me by any questions in LinkedIn.

Alexei Prokashev
Full-stack developer

Edward, Full-stack developer

Kparser has one of the most complex user interfaces among Boosta projects. To develop this product, I had to understand the main rules of SEO and keyword research process espacially. Together with our the most experienced SEO specialists and marketers, we create an easy and effective app. I’ll be glad to answer on your questions in Facebook or LinkedIn

Ivan, Marketer

My purpose is to explain to marketers, bloggers, enterpreneurs, SEO and PPC specialists how Kparser can help them. Each of these roles uses the tool little bit differently. So, I try to create comprehensive and understandable “how to” guides for different cases. You can contact me by any questions in Facebook, LinkedIn or Quora.